About James Resource Management, LLC

timberland“25 Years of Forest & Land Management”

This year we are celebrating our 25th year of being business.  Our loyal client base has made the many years possible and we are thankful.  We have continued to grow over the years to offer our clients more services, while always improving on our existing services.  We look forward to the next 25 years.

We believe in practicing sustainability with our forestry practices and management decisions.  We realize that if we do not plan our forest resources today, it will not be there for our children and grandchildren.  Many of the trees we planted in the 1990’s, we are now harvesting.  We are reforesting these stands with the best genetics and species for the site.  With our help, the forestry cycle continues.  Each year we plant millions of trees to keep the wood supply there for the next generation.

We are committed to protecting environmentally sensitive areas, endangered or threatened animal and plant species.  We have assisted many environmental groups and government agencies throughout the southeast in reestablishing thousands of acres of habitats that were considered “lost” to development or poor land practices.  We have assisted the landowners through these management decisions and shown them how to make their timber investment profitable and at the same time keeping the sensitive environment intact and thriving.

We are Registered Foresters in Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina.  We offer a full range of forestry services from tree planting to timber harvesting.   These services include timber appraisals, financial scheduling, woodland mapping, farming and hunting leases.

In addition, we are Licensed Real Estate Brokers.  We specialize in woodland tracts that are used for timber, agriculture, recreation and rural home sites.  We have assisted our clients in selling and purchasing 1000’s of acres in Georgia, Florida, South Carolina and Alabama.

Since starting the company in 1996, my objective is still the same:  “Helping the South’s landowners reach their objectives.”  Let us know how we can help.


Joseph James